We send out one of our experts that are trained in finding out why you have a mold problem. They look for all moisture sources we don’t want the mold to come back neither do you.

Our technician will go through your home and look for moisture sources. They will advise you on any issues they find and recommend fixes. We keep good repair contractors in our files so if you need someone we will be able to help you find one.

We know that if there is a moisture problem in the home the mold will come back so after the repairs are completed we send out evaluator back out to make sure the problem was fixed correctly and during this trip they will again check for any additional moisture sources.

We look for moisture sources three times before we treat the place. The last time is right before the treatment starts. If we find any moisture sources before the start of the treatment we reschedule you for the treament after the moisture sources found are fixed.