Our team of experts specializes in identifying the root cause of mold problems in your home. We understand the importance of ensuring that the mold does not return, and we take every step necessary to ensure that your home is free from mold.

Our trained technician will conduct a thorough inspection of your home, examining all potential sources of moisture that may be contributing to the mold growth. They will then provide you with a detailed report of their findings, along with recommendations on how to fix any issues they may have identified. We maintain a network of reliable repair contractors and can assist you in finding the right professional for any necessary repairs.

We recognize that addressing moisture issues is crucial to preventing the recurrence of mold growth. As such, after repairs are completed, we conduct a follow-up evaluation to ensure that the problem has been adequately resolved. During this visit, we will again check for any additional sources of moisture that may have been missed during the initial inspection.

We take moisture detection seriously, conducting three thorough inspections before starting the treatment process. Our team will conduct a final check for any moisture sources just before starting the treatment. If any additional sources of moisture are identified at this stage, we will reschedule the treatment until the moisture issues have been resolved.

Handling the Mold Problem

Mold Experts employs a highly specialized process known as Smart Nano Purification, which utilizes a sterilant solution from the medical industry that eliminates 100% of molds, viruses, and bacteria. The solution is transformed into a gas through customized purifying equipment, resulting in smaller particles that can access every nook and cranny where mold, viruses, and bacteria may hide. This process, called nano technology, sterilizes the entire home, including areas where mold may not be visible to the naked eye.

Moreover, the Smart Nano Purification process disintegrates mycotoxins, which are toxic chemical by-products produced by molds and fungi that can cause disease and death in humans and animals. The technology has been continuously improved over the years to become more effective, with noticeable results on the first night.

Previously, remediation only involved tearing out visible mold, which was ineffective since mold spores can fly through the air and find new areas to grow once they locate moisture. This problem is addressed by using commercial-sized air purifiers called air scrubbers to remove mold spores from the air. However, this method still did not address hidden mold that was not removed, leading to mold spores resurfacing in the future.

The Smart Nano Purification method resolves these issues by eliminating the need for commercial air purifiers and effectively handling mold spores in the air. This technology is non-toxic, safe for pets and families, and is verified by a third-party inspector to ensure that the problem is entirely resolved. Clients have reported not experiencing a new mold problem even after several weeks of water leaks since the Smart Nano Purification process effectively handles mold in the air.

Guaranteeing the problem is fixed

At Mold Experts, we understand the importance of ensuring that the mold problem is fully resolved. As mold is an airborne issue, the only way to confirm that your home or office is mold-free is through air quality testing. That’s why we take a comprehensive approach to testing.

After completing our treatment, we conduct Quality Assurance samples to determine if there is any remaining mold. This is because when mold feels threatened, it sends out millions of spores to try and survive and continue to grow elsewhere. Therefore, if there is still mold present, it will show up in the air quality samples we take. We send these samples to a third-party accredited lab for analysis, which is reviewed by one of our experts.

If there are any concerns about the results, we take immediate action. First, we send our evaluator out to identify any moisture sources that may have been missed during the initial treatment. If we find any, we address them immediately. Second, we redo the Smart Nano Purification process at no additional cost to ensure that any remaining mold is eliminated.

Once we are confident that the problem has been resolved, we send a third-party inspector to conduct a Clearance Check. If the inspector does not find any mold, they clear the environment as safe. However, if there is still mold present, we treat it as a failed quality assurance test and take the necessary steps to resolve the issue.

At Mold Experts, we prioritize the health and safety of you and your family. That’s why we do not rely on air scrubbers to catch anything that may be in the air. Instead, we purify the entire environment to eliminate any mold in the air. By sending the inspector back 3-4 days later, we can be sure that any mold issues have been resolved, as any remaining mold would have started sporing again and would be detected in the inspector’s report.

The standard practice during the tear-out process is to utilize an air scrubber to capture any airborne mold spores. However, this method can pose a challenge as it may not detect spores still present in the environment due to incomplete mold remediation. This is because the air scrubber continually removes spores from the air, masking any remaining mold.

Conducting the final air quality test 3-5 days after switching off the air scrubber is imperative to tackle this issue. This step ensures that there is no active mold in the remediated area because any remaining mold will spore, indicating that there is still work left to do. This also helps to confirm the success of the mold remediation process.