The process Mold Experts uses is very exclusive it is called Smart Nano Purification. This Technology takes a solution that comes from the medical industry. This solution is a sterilant what that means is it kills 100% of all mold, viruses and bacteria. We then take purifying equipment that we customized to take that solution and turn it in to a gas. This make the particles smaller then mold, virus bacteria by doing that we are able to get anywhere mold, viruses and bacteria can get filling every nook and cranny with the gas.

The Smart Nano Purification technology sterilizes your entire home we do mean the entire home so no matter where the mold is hidden we will find it and disintegrate it so it can’t harm you any longer. Since the nano technology makes the solution particles so small it goes everywhere.

This process in addition to handling the mold it also disintegrates the Mycotoxins. Mycotoxins are produced by molds and Fungi and is capable of causing disease and death in both humans and other animals. The term ‘mycotoxin’ is usually reserved for the toxic chemical products produced by fungi. (from: Wikipedia)

We kept improving this technology over the years so it can be so effective at handle your mold problem that you notice the difference in your home the first night.

The solution in the past was to tear out the visible mold area and hope we handled it. The main problem with this is it did most of the time it did not handle the problem and our clients would have to have remediation a couple more times in the future which cost more money and more things in their home to have to be ripped apart. The key factor that was missing is that mold does not just grow on a wall because it is wet in actuality the Mold Spore(seed) flies through the air and looks for somewhere to grow. When it finds moisture it starts growing. So the problem starts with the mold flying around in the air. We then would tried to handle the mold spores in the air by putting in commercial size air purifiers called air scrubbers to pull the mold spores out of the air to make it safe in the home. The issue with that is if we were not able to find all the hidden mold in the home that mold that was not torn out would start sporing again and since the inspector testing tested the air after the air purifiers were in there they didn’t see high levels of mold in there testing. So the clients think the mold problem is handled sometimes it was and something it was not.

With the Smart Nano Purification method of handling mold there is no more issues like this. We don’t have to put in commercial size air purifiers after the job is complete. We don’t have to worry about hidden mold even some of our clients had water leaks that were leaking for a couple of weeks and they did not get a new mold problem again since the mold in the air was also handled with the process. We even do a quality assurance air quality sample at the end of the treatment to verify we handled the problem and as a double check we have a 3rd party inspector come out and do a clearance check about a week later to double verify it.

The Smart Nano Purification process is completely non-toxic, pet-safe and family friendly.