At Mold Experts the we want the customer to feel the mold is gone and since we know mold is an airborne issue, the only way we can know that your home or office is free of mold is through air quality testing.

We at Mold Experts take it a step further and do a very through testing process.

Right at the end of our treatment we take Quality assuance samples since this is the best time to take samples to see if there is a problem. When mold is disturbed and feels threatened it tries to survive to do that is sends out millions of spores so it can start to grow somewhere else and keep it species alive. So if we did not take care of the mold problem it would be sporing like crazy which would show up in the air quality samples. We send those samples out to a 3rd party accredited lab for analysis.

When the results come back one of our experts reviews them and if they have any question on if we handled all the mold in your home or not we do two things

First we send our evaluator out to look for any moisture sources that were missed the first time. We do this because the only way we have a failing result is if a moisture source is missed or a new moisture source came up once we get that fixed

Second we send a team out to redo the Smart Nano Purification process again, at no additional cost.

Once we know that the problem has been taken care of all the way we then send out a 3rd party inspector out to do a Clearance Check which means he again test form mold and if he does not find a mold problem in the home he clears it to be a safe environment to be in.

If for any reason it fails his inspection we treat it like it fail our quality assurance test as above.

We don’t take any chances with your and your family’s health that is why we are so thorough in our testing we don’t place air scrubbers in the place to try and catch anything that is in the air we just purify the entire environment so there is no mold in the air and by sending the inspector out 3 to 4 days later if there was a mold issue it would start sporing again and the inspector would see that in his report.

The normal practice is to put an air scrubber in the place to catch anything that spored in the home during the tear out process and to get the inspector in there as soon as possible for a clearance check.