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We have noticed that after we have used the Smart Nano Purification process to handle the mold problem in our clients’ homes many of them will call us the next day and tell us they feel much better when they are home and never even thought the mold was causing them to feel that way.

People don’t realize that mold can create many different problems health wise they can have migraines, extremely tiredness, allergies and brain fog to name a couple. Everyone thinks it is only the mold spores that cause problems for people, but Mycotoxins really cause a lot of the health issues. Mycotoxins are the toxins produced by mold when it is growing in your home. So, we do not only handle the spores in the air and the growing mold on the wall we also handle the Mycotoxins.

We just treated a home where the clint was not able to stay in the home during the day instead of working from home she had to work from the local grocery stores cafe. She only went home to sleep but when she was home, she had to have an expensive air purifier cleaning the air so she could sleep. Once the treatment was done, she was able to work from home again and is extremely happy about that.

You can find more data on Mycotoxins on our Mold University page.

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